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March 08, 2013
CDr / MP3  self-released on Bandcamp

June 2014
cassette  Beta-lactam Ring Records mt285a

  1. Fitzroy Cromarty
  2. Oscar’s Last Day
  3. Spring



The Silverman- keyboards, electronics


Limited edition CDR of 399, released in card cover with home-made artwork inserts and short story.
Very limited edition cassette release of 99


Despite the ominous warnings on the radio, a lonely boat sails away from a lonelier island with the good captain Silverman at the helm.  Aliens here to study mankind had taken control of the airwaves; spread confusion with fake weather reports; induced brainwashing with warped forms of Celtic music; inserted subliminal mantras like “Better Warped Than Corrupted” into all political and financial broadcasting;as well as openly plotting revolution – or was that resolution? or evolution? or perhaps pollution? But this was of no concern for Silverman as he changed course by the north star, heading out towards Andromeda.



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