Chemical Playschool 10


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US CD Soleilmoon SOL57

12 December 2012
NL Remastered MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Scarlet Wish – [MP3]
  2. Inside – [MP3]
  3. Colour Wheel – [MP3]
  4. The Disaster Area – [MP3]
  5. Nouveaux Modes Exotiques – [MP3]
  6. Glasshouse – [MP3]
  7. The Man With The Cut-Glass Heart – [MP3]
  8. Little Romeo – [MP3]
  9. Kleine Juliet – [MP3]
  10. Saucers #1 – [MP3]
  11. Premonition 19 – [MP3]
  12. Wonderdome – [MP3]


  • Qa’Sepel – vox, keyboards, drones, tapes
  • Silverman – keyboards
  • Niels van Hoornblower – horns, flute, electric horns
  • Ryan Moore – acoustic & electric guitar, bass, drums, theremin
  • Edwin von Trippenhof – electric guitar, squeltch bass
  • Frank Verschuuren – sound devices
  • Nienke – lady voice
  • Calyxx – little voice


A special collection of new and unreleased material (recorded between 1992 and 1997) which was created especially for sale at shows on the LPD 1997 North American tour. After the tour, it was put into general release as an edition of 2000.
The cover for this release was designed using artwork submitted by LPD fans from all over the world.
“Glasshouse” is split into two separate tracks on the CD.

On the remastered version on Bandcamp, Little Romeo /Kleine Juliet are combined on one track.

Notes from Bandcamp:
When the Legendary Pink Dots first showed their faces way back in 1980 2 cassette releases were prepared. There was “Only Dreaming” which had a number of songs you could hum along with together with a few seriously “out-there” moments, and there was “Chemical Playschool” which was so out there , extra-terrestials phoned and complained about a lack of space.

Most of that second cassette emerged on the 3 hour special “Chemical Playschool 1 & 2” but it planted the idea that here was a platform to really allow the Dots to let their hair down.
We’re about to hit Volume 15 and we’re still enjoying these strange journeys.

Number 10 was special .It collected many unfinished wig-outs from the “9 Lives ” and “Shadow Weaver” sessions and combined them with homeless Ka-Spellian songs .The wig-outs were “finished ” by EK , who created the voyage which is about as psychedelic as the Dots can get.
Remastering is quite subtle here as the original master sounded very decent.
The magnificent artwork was provided by Yol.

Can this be the escape hatch from the Hallway? 
There she is, as beautiful as the first day I saw her.

Press Release

The creatures who live in the Chemical Playschool are delighted to reveal this, the 10th episode, in their particular soap opera.

The journey began back in 1981 while The Legendary Pink Dots were rehearsing in a small, dingy room in a squalled house in London.

Unbeknown to the fumbling but enthusiastic few-piece band, their neighbor- -who will be referred to here as Dr. Bliss–was experimenting with snails, Molazien 55971, the fetus of the extremely rare Moldavien tree slug and a liter of Diet Coke. His diabolical plan was to make the slug whistle God Save the Queen while simultaneously blowing indestructible soap bubbles.

However the experiment was proving to be a dull failure until the Silverman produced an irritating blurping sound on his synthesizer in the next room. The test tubes shattered. Formless, blobby “things” slurped across the doctor’s room, slipped under the door, into the Pink Dots’ rehearsal space and into the ears of the unsuspecting musical combo.

The Dots immediately ceased practicing their not-so-daring cover version of Abba’s Dancing Queen and proceeded to make strange noises for the next three hours. The result was Chemical Playschool 1 and 2–a three hour cassette-only extravaganza.

Having pledged to release everything they recorded; The Dot’s made 25 copies double hope and duly forgot about it.

For the next two years The Dots continued with amiable, hummable pop-music until in 1983, the creatures of Chemical Playschool awoke once more.

Blame it on the margaritas. Celebrating the release of their second album Curse, The Pink Dots went to their favorite Mexican restaurant. A pleasant social evening turned sinister as Edward Ka-Spel downed his fourth margarita and began howling like a werewolf. The other Dots simply couldn’t catch him as he darted out of the restaurant, and answered no phone calls or knocks on the door for three weeks. The result was Chemical Playschool 3 and 4–so far only on cassette.

Let’s say it’s twisted.

And so the story continued occasional possession, disturbing results. Nobody would release volumes 5, 6, or 7 on the grounds of public safety.

Now we’re at number 10. Soleilmoon took a chance with this one. Hadn’t they heard about “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?” They want our minds, goddamn it… The people must be warned.



Scarlet Wish

To be as light as poppy seeds
free-falling on a gentle breeze.
Descend upon the devil’s ground
and bring the lost souls to their knees.
As deserts bloom, despair retreats,
and faith returns in crimson wreathes,
plucked from the garden that is me

Faith returns in crimson wreathes,
locked from the garden that is me.
I shall land on where I’ll please,
and where I go you’ll know I’ve been.
Red ribbons around your feet and you’ll
believe again, believe again…
There’s so much left to live for.

Where I go you’ll know i’ve been,
red ribbons around your feet and you’ll
believe again, believe again,
there’s so much left to live for.
Believe again, believe again,
there’s so much left to live for
so much left to live for.

to be (x8)


Abandoned on my cross around the corner from the corner of your eye,
don’t be surprised if I should slowly cross the line and slowly glide
you through the border that you claimed was never ever there.
A place you never wished to share.


Ankles crossed like fair Victoria for the glory of the empire,
kneels examining the floor
Retreats on cushions, leaves you staring at a mirror that’s all cracks
and curves on all sides.


There’s no hiding in this palace of your soul.
It stretches far beyond the walls that you created,
but it’s smaller than the hole which you lie in now.
If you could find the courage just to dig a little deeper.


(whispering: “over here” “deeper”)
(whispering: “over here” “deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper…”)


Colour Wheel

Don’t cry for me, my sweet sweet friend.
Don’t cry for me, my lover.
My silence is no cause for tears.
I’m looking at the colours.

There’s red and green, and ocean blue.
There’s violet, brown, and roses.
There’s white tornadoes in this room,
and everything is mellow.

I can sing a rainbow.
And maybe… you too.

There’s red and green, and ocean blue.
There’s violets, brown(?), and roses too.
There’s white tornadoes in this room,
and everything’s so mellow.

The Disaster Area (instrumental)

Nouveaux Modes Exotiques (instrumental)

Glasshouse (CD tracks 6 and 7)

Ten years in the glasshouse.
And we’re busy counting bruises, and watch the stones go cruising by.
They’re just whizzing past our heads, and we’re still standing here,
tied on a thread, stretched beyond our limits. Beyond my limit.

And I’d surely love to reach out and touch you, but it’s suicide.
And now I’m watching your reflection, cos I can’t look in your eyes.
And I’m burning. Just burning up on the inside.

It’s so very very cold here. So very very cold here.
And I doubt if things will ever change.

The Man with the Cut-Glass Heart

My mesmerizing hands go swimming in the boiling water.
I wish I could control them, but they’re instruments of torture.
And when I touch you there, I know it cuts you like a knife.
But I am far away, my dear. But you’ll survive.

My hypnotizing eyes go searching in the secret places.
I try my best to look away. They find the spaces
where you hide out when you’re petrified.
But I am far away, my love. But you’ll survive.

My uncertain cripple soul goes floating in the wrong direction.
I wish I could command it to stand proudly to attention.
But it bounces and it flails, and there seems no reason why.
Cos I am far away, my dear. But I’ll survive.

It bounces and it flails, and I see no reason why.
I am far away, my love, but I’ll survive.

It bounces and I flail, and there seems no reason why.
Cos I am far away, my dear, but we’ll survive.

Little Romeo

[I had trouble with this one. Someone help me out.]

A crack in time. We’re two like flies. Any shape, any size.
They dance down my eyes. And they spin. And they spun a web
from the east to the west from my place to your place.
The west is the best.

Swallow up our sin. Clean again.
We blame not this(?). We carry it away.
You may be a parasite, but I love you. I love you.
Did you hear me? I said, I love you.

Kleine Juliet (instrumental)

Saucers #1

The saucers are coming. Get under the table. Hide yourself in the cellar.
Take as much food and water with you as you can. We do not have everything
under control. I repeat, we do not have everything under control.

The saucers are coming. Thousands of them. There is no moon tonight,
but the sky is silver. Lock your doors. Turn off all the lights. Turn
off your radios, turn off your TVs, pull the curtains. We do not have
everything under control. I repeat, we do not have everything under control.

The saucers are coming. We do not know if their intentions are friendly
but we are preparing for the worst possible scenario. We are attempting
communication but there has been no response. We do not have everything
under control. I repeat, we do not have everything under control.

Stay inside. Keep out of sight. Don’t even whisper. The saucers are coming.
Make no sound at all. Switch me off, now! This is a taped message. Switch
me off, now! The saucers are coming, and we do not have everything under
control! We do not have everything under control!

(backwards vocals?)

Premonition 19 (instrumental)

Wonderdome (2:30, followed by 3:25 of silence)

Here it’s summer every day. Sitting cozy beneath this wonderdome.
I was caught, naked, in the crazy foam, and they asked for my ID.
I showed them a birthmark. Here we’re babies until we’re 88. It’s
guaranteed. No misdemeanors, no terminal disease. And everybody’s
smiling, we’ve got everything we need. And the tannoy shouts its
message daily. “Be happy! Stay alive! You have no need to wonder
what’s outside your door. Keep in there, kid.”

Untitled (starts at 5:57 into track 13)

…new good one. I showed them crisp packets. You got to
take added cartoon (?)… not these (?)

Don’t throw your crisp packet at me, you alien bastard!
Don’t you dare throw your crisp packet at me!
I don’t like your alien crisps, you foul fiend of hell.

Transcribed by Alan Jaffray and others from cloud-zero



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