Crash Velvet Apocalypse


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Release date and tracklist

September 12, 2015
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Crushed Velvet Introduction/The Death Of Jack The Ripper
  2. Princess Coldheart
  3. Even Now
  4. Just A Lifetime
  5. True Love
  6. The Blessing + Green Gang
  7. I Dream Of Jeannie (abridged)
  8. Black Zone
  9. Hellsville
  10. I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
  11. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope
  12. Evolution- Vienna 1991
  13. Disturbance-Vienna 1991
  14. A Space Between + True Love-Vienna 1991
  15. Grain Kings + Hellsville -Vienna 1991
  16. So Gallantly Screaming-Vienna 1991
  17. Waiting For The Cloud- Vienna 1991


Bob Pistoor-guitar,bass,sitar; The Silverman-keys and devices; Neils Van Hoorn-saxophones,wind instruments; Edward Ka-spel-voice,keys; Hans Meyer-sound wizardry.Elke Skelter-lights. Cover by The Silverman and Astrid Mutsars.


The sound of The Dots on fire at the dark and dismal Crash Club,Freiburg in 1990, combined with the best parts of a show less than a year later in Vienna.
Some rare songs to be found here, guitar playing that will singe the hairs on the back of your neck, and a band that sounds so hungry it would steal your veggie pizza.

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