Easter In The Deep South


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Release date and tracklist

March 3, 2015
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Alabama Songs (Easter ’85) 48:09

    1. The Serviette
    2. Heretic
    3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……
    4. Geisha Mermaid
    5. I Am The Way,The Truth, The Light
    6. The Plague
    7. Flowers For The Silverman



  • The Silverman- keys
  • Patrick Q Wright- violins
  • Julia Niblock- voice, bass
  • Stret Majest Alarme- guitars
  • EK- vox
  • Graham Whitehead- keys
  • Hans Meier- sonic solutions


Easter 1985 and The Dots were still quite wet behind the ears when it came to live performances. This release is taken from a radio recording of the show at Alabamahalle in Munich on 6 April 1985.  It’s a spirited affair though very rough at the edges.  With the rendition of “Lovers Part 2” the technical problems rendered this delicate song unlistenable so it’s regretfully omitted.  Still, turn up the volume and enjoy this rare little slice of LPD history.



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