The Shock Exchange


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Release date and tracklist

April 26, 2015
IT LP Rustblade RBLLP011

SIDE A : The Legendary Pink Dots

  1. A Starry Stripy Submarine a spying on Murmansk
  2. The Lie in The Sky
  3. Blind Man’s Buff

SIDE B: Ketvector

  1. Anta
  2. Merror
  3. SlucidDream
  4. Galleggia

May 17, 2015
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp (LPD tracks only)

  1. The Shock Exchange Suite Parts 1-3 21:18


The Legendary Pink Dots

  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • The Silverman
  • Erik Drost
  • Raymond Steeg


  • Justin Bennett
  • Stefano Rossello


Press Release

The Shock Exchange presents an encounter between two of the most interesting and unique projects of the current neo-psychedelic and electronic music panorama.

The Legendary Pink Dots need no introduction, and on Side A they once again solidify their status as musical pioneers with all new songs and swirling psychedelic arrangements led by the charismatic voice of Edward Ka-spel.

Side B is dedicated to the progressive and psychedelic electronic project kETvECTOR, born from the mind of Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy / Bahntier) together with Stefano Rossello (Bahntier), showcasing many facets of the project; from electronic free jazz to ambient experimental and esoteric avant-garde.

The album also features paintings by Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

A Trasparent vinyl release exclusively for record store day 2015, not to be missed!



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