Live in Dallas – April 20, 1989


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US VHS Videophile Magazine
  1. Casting the Runes
  2. Maniac
  3. The More it Changes
  4. Black Zone
  5. Talent Contest
  6. Thursday Night Fever
  7. Black Castles
  8. Blacklist
  9. Poppy Day
  10. Princess Coldheart
  11. I Dream of Jeannie



This is a poor quailty, semi-official release, one in a series of live performance videos of various artists released by Videophile Magazine.
After the live footage, there is a long sequence of a burning house, followed by an interview with Edward.
There is also another version with a different cover. Instead of the burning house and interview, it has Edward doing a reading of the lyrics to “Der Schrei”, a German interview with Edward, and a performance of “Talent Contest” that appears to be from European television.


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