Perhaps We’ll Only See a Thin Blue Line…


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BE LP LD/Play it Again Sam LD 8944

side a

  1. Moments [MP3]
  2. Even Now [MP3]
  3. And the Lord Said “Rise” [MP3]
  4. Tikko [MP3]
  5. Splash

side b

  1. The Fool, With Hammers
  2. The Unspeakable Revenge Of The Killer Grapefruit
  3. Chasing the Carrion
  4. Volicie [MP3]
  5. Jesus Wept


  • Edward Ka-Spel – vox, keyboards, percussion, attempted violin
  • Lilly Ak – lady voice
  • Stret Majest – guitar, drums, glox
  • Hanz Myer – electronix


A collection of tracks from the Dance China Doll 12″, live material, compilation appearances, and other rarities and previously unreleased work.
Limited to 2000 copies

Tracks A1 & A2 from “Dance China Doll” EP (1984).
Track A3 from “For Your Ears Only” compilation (1985).
Tracks A4 & A5 as yet unreleased material (1986).
Track B1 live in Vienna (1988).
Tracks B2 to B4 as yet unreleased material (1987/88).
Track B5 from “Is That You, Santa Claus?” K7 (1987).


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