Plutonium Live


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December 1, 2013
MP3  self released on Bandcamp

  1. Introduction/My First Zonee/Peace of Mind
  2. Faded Photograph/Rainbows Too?
  3. A World with No Mirrors/Cubic Caesar/No Matter What You Do
  4. Torchsong/Grain Kings



  • Edward Ka-Spel
  • Martijn De Kleer
  • Niels van Hoorn
  • The Silverman
  • Raymond Steeg


An audience recording of exquisite quality from LPDs show at The Orangerie, Munich on April 23,2009.A small crowd (it always is in that city) but it meant a recording that is as clear as a bell from old LPDs friend, Adi.
Even if it took The Dots a while to build up a head of steam, the band most certainly got there in an incendiary final stretch.



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