Taos Hum


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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

March 8, 2013
NL CDr / MP3  self released on Bandcamp
US Cassette  BLRR mt287a (alternate cover)

  1. Salem
  2. Ash & Sand
  3. Divine Resignation Part 3
  4. No Time for Change
  5. The Piper
  6. Premonition 40


Cover ImageMarch/April 2015
RU LP Brudenia 11933
Side A

  1. Salem
  2. Ash And Sand
  3. Divine Resignation Part 3

Side B

  1. No Time To Change
  2. The Piper
  3. Premonition 40 (abridged)




  • Edward Ka-Spel- Keyboards Vocals
  • The Silverman- Keyboards, electronic devices
  • Eric Drost- Guitar
  • Raymond Steeg- Sound engineer


Recorded in 5 intense days as November turned into December and as fresh as a brisk desert wind that fries all who stand in it’s path. Close to an hour of songs, scapes  and colours so loud your neighbours will need guide dogs.  Spontaneity can be a wonderful thing in these oh so cautious times.  EK-S

LP version
Freshly edited and mastered for vinyl, “Taos Hum” is being released by the Brudenia label from Kaliningrad, Russia in late Spring. The new Taos Hum cover is another splendid work by fractal artist Anita Hammer,who also created the C.P 16 & 18 cover, and more recently the slipcase images for the Maria Box. The LP is being released by our dear friends at Brudenia. Premonition 40 and The Piper have been re-worked to fit the LP format. Limited edition of 350 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl, with printed insert.

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