Traumstadt 3


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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

NL CS Mirrordot (different cover)
DE CS Jarmusic (different cover)
NL CS Staalplaat STLPD007

side a

  1. The Struette (München 1985)
  2. A Strychnine Kiss (Rennes 1988)
  3. MMMMMMMMMMMMM… (Rennes 1988)
  4. Love Puppets (Rennes 1988)
  5. I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light (Rennes 1988)
  6. This Could Be The End (Vienna 1987)

side b

  1. Instantaneous (Amsterdam 1986)
  2. The Hill (Horst 1987)
  3. Mezhanyne (Amsterdam 1986)
  4. Black Roses (Amsterdam 1986)
  5. Premonition 16 (Horst 1987)


Cover Image31 Oct 2013
NL Enhanced MP3 / CDr self-released on Bandcamp

  1. The Serviette
  2. A Strychnine Kiss
  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……
  4. Love Puppets
  5. I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light
  6. This Could Be The End
  7. Instantaneous
  8. The Hill
  9. Mezhanyne
  10. Black Roses
  11. Premonition 16



  • Jason Salmon- Bass
  • Tony Copier- Drums, Guest [uncredited- track 10[
  • Stret Majest Alarme- Guitar
  • Graham Whitehead- Keyboards
  • The Silverman- Keyboards, Effects [Devices]
  • Patrick Q- Violin, Voice [2nd Voice]
  • Julia Niblock- Voice [2nd Voice- track 1]
  • Edward Ka-Spel- Voice, Effects [Devices]
  • Hans Meier- Engineer [Genius Engineering], Effects


Unlike other Traumstadt cassettes, these songs were recorded live.

Mirrordot cs:
Limited to 50 copies.

Jarmusic cs:
Comes in A5 plastic bag with an additional postcard. Numbered and limited to 50 copies.  Artwork by Elke.

Staalplaat cs:
In A5 package

CDr issue in card cover. Home-made with insert.  Edition of 199.

Live recordings from:
Munich 1985 – track 1;
Amsterdam 1986 – tracks 7, 9, 10;
Vienna 1987 – track 6;
Horst 1987 – tracks 8, 11;
Rennes 1988 – tracks 2, 3, 4, 5.

“Perhaps my personal favourite of all The Pink Dots live documents. Essentially a mixed bag of very decent recordings of shows in Rennes, Munich and France in the 80s with an extended section focusing on an improvised show at the famous NL Centrum in Amsterdam – a monumental landmark in the city’s underground scene all those years ago.
The original (very limited) cassette disappeared many years ago and recently commanded a silly price on Ebay, so it seemed high time to let the music be heard once more – not least for that brief piece of interplay between Patrick and Graham during “Mezhanyne”. Check that live mixing from Hans Meier too…..quite superb.” -EK


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