Khalash Nykow China Doll


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02 February 2002
US MP3 TEKA teka11
US MP3 Beta-lactam Ring Records B-LRR

NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp*

  1. Mirror Soul (Version Power Cut)
  2. After the Tower
  3. Beautiful, Naked
  4. Lisa’s Resurrection
  5. Joe- the Video
  6. The Char Char
  7. Love in a Plain Brown Envelope
  8. The Glory, The Glory
  9. When Old Gods Die
  10. Black Zone
  11. Flesh Parade

* All songs via Bandcamp are on one continuous track


Edward Ka-Spel

Mastered by Freek Kinkelaar


Recorded live on April 4, 1986.
Offered as a free download (including inserts) at Beta-Lactam Ring Records.


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