Lilith and the Rose


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Release date and tracklist

14 May 2002
DE 10″ Edition Aurinia EAU001

  1. Lilith (Version Apocalypse) – [MP3]
  2. The Rose – [MP3]




Edward Ka-Spel – keyboards, voice


10″ picture disc featuring the tracks mentioned above.
Each track is approximately 11 minutes long.
“The Rose” is a gorgeous piano piece showcasing Edward’s softer, more melodic side.
“Lilith” is a more aggressive version of “Lilith’s Daughter”.

First edition of 513 copies released on May 14th on the occasion of the European LPD tour 2002.

One copy pressed on white (pic disc-)vinyl. No info just a matrix number AF 39114/A. That number does not appear on the regular edition. Pressing/grooves also looks a little different.



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