O’er A Shalabast’r Tyde Strolt Ay


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US LP Beta-Lactam Ring MT048

side a

  1. An Ill Wind – [MP3]

side b

  1. O’Riley’s Comet – [MP3]
  2. Safer Than The Open – [MP3]

side c

  1. Clara Rockmore’s Dog – [MT145]

side d

  1. Stars On Some Days – [MT145]

bonus CDR

  1. Clara Rockmore’s Dog (instrumental)


US CD Beta-Lactam Ring MT048b

14 July 2014
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. An Ill Wind – [MP3]
  2. O’Riley’s Comet – [MP3]
  3. Safer Than The Open – [MP3]

enhanced content

  • Clara Rockmore’s Dog (instrumental)


Edward Ka-Spel – keyboards, voice


A continuation of Caste O’ Graye Skreeens.
Vinyl is limited to 500 copies on 220 gram vinyl.
Copies include stickers and inserts.
Vinyl sub-edition of 30 copies were also pressed.
The sub-edition came packaged with a wood wall plaque with different inserts and stickers. It also includes a bonus 7″ (listed above as sides C and D) and a signed, numbered, handwritten story, poem, or “thought of the day” by Edward.
Some mailorder LP copies came with an unlabeled CDR featuring Clara Rockmore’s Dog (Instrumental) which appears on the CD as a bonus wav file.
100 t-shirts and 100 posters were also printed for this release.

art edition
Clara Rockmore’s Dog 7″ (side a)
Clara Rockmore’s Dog 7″ (side b)


CD edition is limited to 999 copies.
MT048bart is a sub-edition of the CD release packaged in a handmade wallet with 6 CD-size inserts on archival photopaper. No extra music is included on this sub-edition.
After the CD version sold out some covers remained and were sold with a CDR copy of the album

art edition


from Bandcamp: 2002. An ambitious unpredictable odyssey following in the footsteps of “Caste O’ Graye Skreeens”.  Released on vinyl, cd and even with a gigantic piece of wooden flotsam for collectors of the exotic. The album has been alittle enhanced for Bandcamp, but in reality the sound was always healthy.
Bonus track here is the instrumental version of “Clara Rckmore’s Dog”,previously only available on a highly limited cdr which came with a collector’s edition of this beast. – EK

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