Melancholics Anonymous


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March 2007
US CD  Beta-Lactam Ring MT145
NL MP3  self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Clara Rockmore’s Dog
  2. Complex
  3. Meltdown
  4. Stars On Some Days
  5. Burden
  6. Karis In The Spring
  7. The Evidence Of Absence




Track 2 is from the See Beyond The Music Gallery Exhibition 10″.
Track 6 is previously unreleased.

All tracks recorded 2000-2007 in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland.
“Clara Rockmore’s Dog” is dedicated to Calyxx, Tristan, Koszja and Tasmyn.
Thank you Chris and Heather for indulging me over the years.
Thank you to Jesse Peper for providing the artwork.

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