O Darkness! O Darkness!


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US LP Beta-Lactam Ring MT054
US LP Beta-Lactam Ring MT054c (alternate cover)

12 May 2014
NL MP3 enhanced version self-released on Bandcamp

  1. The Rim Of The Pit – [MP3]
  2. Wings Trapped In Amber – [MP3]
  3. Alas, My Shrunken Head*

* Bandcamp only.



  • Edward Ka-Spel – keyboards, voice
  • Raymond Steeg- sonic assistance
  • Jesse Peper- artwork


Recorded at Luxe, The Dolls House and Portland, Oregon (Dig Recording).

MT054: Vinyl only release and all copies on 180 gram audiophile vinyl in a heavy boardstock gimmick art cover.
300 copies in gimmick sleeve with eyes cut out
500 copies in sleves without eyes cut out

MT054c: Wooden box set edition of 15 numbered copies. Regular gimmix sleeve w/record is housed in etched wooden box, with numbered insert and art insert and label owner business card

Recorded at a dark time when troubled dreams revealed eyes in the treetops and the wind moaned so loudly it drowned out the ghosts. This album began life in early 2004 and was completed in a little studio
in Portland, Oregon later the same year.  Beta-Lactam Ring Records issued the results on a wonderful slab of vinyl with a cover by Jesse Peper that still gives me chicken skin. Bonus cut here is from the 10″ on BLRR’s Lactamase series – the masterful Tony Conrad is on the other side of that record which is a serious honour. –EK


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