A Long Red Ladder to the Moon


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US CD Beta-Lactam Ring MT090

  1. Black Widow’s Kiss
  2. Flipside
  3. Gone Subterranean
  4. Mechanical Sam
  5. Hey Rainman
  6. It’s Just A Job
  7. Never Say Never
  8. TreeHugger (Parts 1-2)


US 2xLP Beta-Lactam Ring MT090B (alternate cover)
US 3xLP Beta-Lactam Ring MT091 (alternate cover)

side a

  1. Black Widow’s Kiss
  2. Mechanical Sam
  3. Flipside

side b

  1. Hey Rainman
  2. Gone Subterranean

side c

  1. It’s Just A Job
  2. Never Say Never
  3. TreeHugger (Parts 1-2)

side d

  1. Spacerock (Parts 1-2)

side e

  1. Hey Rainman (first version)

side f

  1. A Rainy Afternoon In 2001


NL MP3 self-released on Edward’s Bandcamp page

09 October 2014
NL Enhanced MP3 self-released on LPD’s Bandcamp page

  1. Black Widow’s Kiss
  2. Mechanical Sam
  3. Flipside
  4. Hey Rainman
  5. Gone Subterranean
  6. It’s Just A Job
  7. TreeHugger (Parts 1-2)
  8. Never Say Never
  9. Spacerock (Parts 1-2)
  10. Hey Rainman (first version)
  11. Hey Rainman (forest friendly mix)



  • Edward Ka-Spel – all instruments & voice
  • Ekul B.- Artwork
  • Chris- Design, Layout
  • Mastered By, Engineer [Sound Wizardry] – Raymond Steeg


3xLP: Limited edition of the first 200 copies came with the third record (sides e and f).

Packaged in miniature gatefold wallet cardboard sleeve with a 1-sided insert. Recorded in Grimburgia during Spring 2005

Khazhmezhtiya Pluramys
Sing while you may

Bandcamp notes:
Recorded in Grimburgia during Spring 2005.

2005. It seems hard to believe that this highly emotional album is almost a decade old upon this day of its digital resurrection.  Ostensibly an album of songs, picking up the thread from “Red Letters” which was another decade before. This upload for Bandcamp showcases the ultimate version – a massive 3 x LP set from Beta-Lactam Ring Records. It’s tough to score these days, but all the parts are in place right here on this page. Sound enhancement is subtle as Ray’s original master sounded so good- it merely takes advantage of the high quality digital tools which are now available. -EKS



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