Textures Of Illumina


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DE 10″ Bog Records BOG001

side a

  1. The Boomerang Effect – [HPCD9154]
  2. Right On, Food – [HPCD9154]

side b

  1. The Train To Never – [HPCD9154]
  2. Icing – [HPCD9154]


Cover Image2002
US 2xCD Caciocavallo CAD 12

disc a

  1. The Boomerang Effect
  2. Right On, Food
  3. The Train To Never
  4. Icing
  5. Millennium 1
  6. Millennium 2
  7. Atomic Roses ’95 (Part One- After)
  8. Atomic Roses ’95 (Part Two- Before)

disc b

  1. Steven Cow
    Book Of The Film
    The Repeal Of The Corn Laws
    Suzy’s Eye Patch


05 December 2013
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. The Boomerang Effect / Right On Food12:26
  2. Train to Never / Icing 12:33
  3. Millenium 1 12:00
  4. Millenium 2 11:17
  5. Atomic Roses ’95 20:10
  6. Steven Cow / Book of the Film / Suzy’s Eye Patch / Broccoli / Untitled 28:04


  • Edward Ka-Spel – gesang, tansteninstruemente, klangwerkzeuge
  • Raymond Steeg – klangwerkzeuge
  • Ryan Moore – radio, kaffemaschine, hawaii-gitarre
  • Lady Loop – tansteninstruemente, lampe, wasser, klangwerkzeuge


  • Lady Loop – Drums, Voice, Performer [Sound Devices]
  • Raymond Steeg – Engineer [Sound Devices]
  • Ryan Moore – Guitar [Hawaii]
  • Calyxx – Voice [Small]
  • Edward Ka-Spel – Voice, Instruments

Artwork By [Cover] – Nienke Poiesz, Remco Polman


from Bandcamp:
“Textures” first appeared as a 10″ vinyl record on the curiously monikered German “Bog” label. It was extended for the “Das Digital Vertrauen” -a double cd compilation on Soleilmoon, then much bonus material was added for this eventual double cd. Basically a collection of experiments and explorations. It appears here slightly sonically enhanced.
The bonus disc (Steven Cow etc.) was a 27 minute excursion attached to the initial pressing, but in fact this collection has never been re-pressed so there are no single disc copies. Disc 2 features re-titled re-workings of “Even Now” and “Suicide Pact” as part of an extended suite. -EK

10″ vinyl:
Included double-sided insert with lyrics and credits, plus the bog story.

Disc A reissues tracks from the 10″ of The Textures of Illumina and the compilations Das Digitale Vertrauen and Globus And Decibel. Track 1-7 is listed only as “Atomic Roses ’95”, and track 1-8 is not listed on the sleeve. The correct track names are listed above for each.

Disc B is a bonus disc, included only with the first 1500 copies. The 6 songs on Disc 2 are indexed as one track (the sixth track is unlisted).  On it is a selection of experiments and re-workings of old songs concocted throughout 2001. Names have been changed in order to protect the innocent. 


The Boomerang Effect

I squashed 666 of God’s little miracles… I kicked them, I crippled them, I crushed them on the floor… But there’s more! In my tea, in my cheese, in my hair… Up there! Monsters… I see monsters, they covered up the sky, murder in their eyes. The bullets bounce off their armour and I’m thinking about my Karma.

The Train to Never

Derailed by the landslide… No call cause I’m tounguetied. I heard, but I don’t cry… This worses I don’t try. They search on the wrong side… They seek but they don’t find… It’s already night time… Could be here a lifetime. And the ghost train leaves the station; someone’s calling “All aboard for destinations far abroad!” We’ll spit fire on a starless night. A flawless flight to freedom knows no barriers… My warriors are brave, they shout “We shall save you! We shall save you now.” Call my name…



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