The Painted River of Regrets


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24 Apr 2008
NL CD-R Trademark Of Quantity

LP Beta-lactam Ring Records  mt169

30 March 2014
MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. PRR 1
  2. PRR 2
  3. PRR 3
  4. PRR 4



Artwork, Design, Layout by Chris McBeth; Mastered by Randall Frazier


CD-r: “instrumental pieces to form a soundtrack for an imaginary movie which the dots vocalist had been working on over the last year”
Limited edition of 399, numbered, signed.
Packaged in a handmade card cover.
Durations of the respective parts are not listed on the cover.


LP: Limited Edition of 500. Recorded at home in 2008.
Copies pre-ordered from BlRR came with a signed insert, which was a small black piece of paper and said paper was autographed by EK.


Notes from Bandcamp: A suite of instrumental pieces by EK dating back to 2008. Originally intended for release only as a small edition cdr, it was reissued on vinyl by Beta-Lactam Ring Records with glorious artwork by label boss Chris McBeth. This cover now adorns vinyl AND cdr formats. –E. K-S.


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