Time on Thin Ice


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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

15 October 2010
CD  Beta-lactam Ring Records mt241

18 April 2013
MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Droplets on a Trebling Leaf
  2. This Side of the Door
  3. Always is Now
  4. Ocean Calling



The Silverman – Keyboards, Electronics, cover art
Alena Boykova – Melodica on track 1
Edward Ka-Spel – Percussion and tape on track 1, voice and lyrics on tracks 2 and 3
Mastered by Raymond Steeg



The first 50 copies- numbered and signed. Packaged in a full color gatefold sleeve. Featuring guest performer Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots). The man of silver is a master of negative space. His silences say as much as his notes. Perhaps this is how he can compose a thing that sounds like glaciers conversing. Ringing ubertones breathe sighs of bas-relief at the borealis. The Silveman’s sounds are quiet and delicious, like a Rainbow Generator sinking slowly into a rusted hull. These ambiences destroy fascists. Dark and twisting pulses hollowly respirate, imitating their dying. This is the good stuff.   BLRR



This Side of the Door

I pleaded with him not to open that door…

Always is Now
I want to leave this dark corner and crawl to you, over you, maybe inside you and capture the moment and keep it preserved like a butterfly pinned to a page. To a place where the joy is the air we once breathed, where we sink to our knees with the beauty. Besieged but unflustered. The crumbs of our comfort descend when we call them and take only that which we need, then toss the remains like we’re scattering seeds. Where we do not believe because we don’t have to. Where we do not believe in the future, the past. Where we are… no questions. We are, and that’s it… There’s an eternity that clings which we stretch out, fend off and count the terrifying seconds in an everlasting twilight. And there’s an eternity with wings. It’s short and it’s sweet, it laughs at the mirror and always is now. Me? I remain forever yours. Trapped in Amber.



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