Primeval Waltz

(collaboration between Phil Harmonix and Clive Richards)

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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

March 1984
UK CS Fragment Music Clump1

side a

  1. Searching For Clues
  2. Cry From The Wood
  3. Mekka – nism

side b

  1. Below The Surface
  2. Termination
  3. Experiments in 3
  4. Twist


Cover ImageSeptember 2012
UK CDr Fragment Music Clod1

  1. Searching For Clues re-mix extended.
  2. Cry From The Wood re-mix.
  3. Mekka – nism. MP3 re-mix Listen 24kbps
  4. Below The Surface re-mix.
  5. Termination. MP3 re-mix Listen 24kbps
  6. Experiments in 3 re-mix.
  7. Twist re-mix
  8. Searching For Clues original mix



  • Clive Richards- congas, tabla, African drum, clay drums, syn drum, percussion pads, bells, triangles, glockenspiel, metal, various percussion toys, drum machine programming, vocals on ‘Clues’ and ‘Cry’, backing vocals on ‘Termaination’
  • Phil Harmonix- Korg and V.C.S.3 synthesisers, piano, harmonium, cymbal, syn drum, barious percussion toys, vocals on ‘Clues’ backing vocals on ‘Cry’
  • Richard Beck (R&B)- bass, percussion pads, Casio (the little one), drum machine programming, maracas, bowed bass, various percussion toys

special thanks to:

  • Julia Smithies- vocals on ‘Termination’
  • Rob Smithies- glockenspiel and backing vocals on ‘Termination’
  • John Cleaver- guitar on ‘Cry’
  • Richard Lane- front artwork


All tracks recorded at Phil Harmonix, except ‘Twist’ recorded at R&Bs weeny studio, Brentwood, Essex.
Thanks to the fridge for annoying clicks.

Remixed and Remastered between August and November 2007.  Re-mixed and constructed from the original sessions master tapes.  Available here

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