Live at the Brainwaves Festival, 2006


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Sept 2, 2012
MP3  self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Black Widow’s Kiss
  2. The Warden
  3. Flesh Parade
  4. Prisoners of War
  5. The Wedding (Amanda Palmer- piano)
  6. Suicide Pact (Z’ev- performer)
  7. Circle the Sun and You Become One (Z’ev- performer)



  • Edward Ka-Spel- Voice, Keyboards
  • Silverman- Keyboards
  • Amanda Palmer- Piano on “The Wedding”
  • Z’ev


A very special evening on the first night of what may have been one the best festivals of marginal music ever presented. Special guests for this occasion were long time friends Amanda Palmer ,who played piano on “The Wedding) and Z’ev who joined us on the last 2 songs. Unforgettable. Thanks to Justin Baldonieri who sent the source material and Jon Whitney who made the festival happen.



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