Live at Biblioteque Herge, Paris 2005


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June 30, 2012
NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Our Captain’s Eyes / Clara Rockmore’s Dog
  2. Paris 4pm




  • Edward Ka-Spel- Voice, Keyboards


When The Dots played a 2 night residency in the wonderful L’Echangeur venue on the outskirts of Paris in 2005, Edward Ka-Spel was also invited to make an exclusive afternoon performance in the Herge Library.  Equipment was primitive (especially the microphone) and EK had to sing, speak, play and mix himself as there was no real desk at the venue.

However the result was a unique collection of pieces, one made especially for the occasion and a hyper-rare rendition of “Clara Rockmore’s Dog“..

It was a memorable day for the small audience and the artist and happily fiend of The Dots’ renaud captured the music on his recorder and uploaded it to the estimable Dimeadozen site.  Here it is again, a little cleaned up and edited.  Sound quality isn’t perfect by any means due to the spartan vocal PA, but it’s intimate enough to warrant it’s appearance here.



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