This Saturated Land


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July 14, 2012
US cassette  Tolmie Terrapin Press  TTP30
NL MP3  self-released on Bandcamp (alternate image)

  1. A Rainy Day in July
  2. The Coast is Toast
  3. A Beautiful Pea Green Boat
  4. One by One
  5. Always October



  • Edward Ka-Spel- Voice, Keyboards


Cassette- Edition of 100 copies with water color painted/typewriter labels and color ‘water collage’ covers.


Composed and recorded over 5 days in the rainiest July I can remember.  A slow sinking into an ocean that ultimately reclaims all. Enjoy, but wear a lifejacket.

….but there’s always october. – E K-S


“a water-logged voyage floating across the psychedelic wilderness. the land is almost a bog now, filled to the gills from the ever present rain.  Animals seek higher ground as the tide comes in and in and over, blurring the line between sea and land. You can hear the boat creek as the soggy wood warps.  Wheezing organs, cold and eerie soundscapes, a chorus of gurgling and shimmering synths.” –Tolmie Terrapin Press



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