Dub Voyage


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15 May 2000
NL CD M Records CD-190
NL LP M Records LP-190
NL MP3 on Bandcamp

  1. Acetate
  2. Dub Boyage
  3. Heavy
  4. Wareika
  5. Depth Charge
  6. Fast
  7. Blaster
  8. K2000
  9. Slicer
  10. Silver
  11. Massive


Produced, Performed & Mixed by Ryan Moore

Studio Twilight, The Netherlands & The Miller Block, Vancouver, Canada
Album design: Ania Rachmat


Twilight Circus is the dub-centric recording project of multi-instrumentalist/producer Ryan Moore, a ubiquitous Nettwerk Records studio contributor and longstanding member of the Legendary Pink Dots. Dub Voyage, the Amsterdam resident’s seventh platter under the moniker, hovers in purist Jamaican dub territory – impossibly thick, woofer-threatening bass lines slathered in all manner of slippery echo and compression effects, punctuated by lilting fragments of organ, melodica, and skittering percussion. As the album progresses, Moore injects more space and grime into the mix, stretching and contorting tracks such as “K2000” and “Silver” into thoroughly modern-textured dubscapes. Throughout, Moore’s reverence for the form ensures a refreshingly warm, live feel, even when the echo box settings are pushed to alien extremes.

Colin Helms, CMJ


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