Curse (Satan Stole My Teddybear)

Another fine reissue of an early Dots LP, Curse contains much the same mood and psychedelic style that marked most of the early days of the band. Though limited somewhat by fairly cheap technology, the Dots have always been remarkable in their ability to craft entrancing songs no matter what instruments were at their disposal. Creativity has long been their calling card. Much of Curse is in the same field as 80’s new wave, as “Wall Purges Night” or “Aarzhklahh olgevezh” demonstrate. But as with much of their early material, the certain innocence to the music entails a lot of simple catchiness. “Doll’s House” and “Lisa’s Party” both are very memorable pieces. As with many of the early Dots albums, Curse is great for historical purposes and the occasional fun listen.




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