Oct 21 1998 Philadelphia Show Blurb (Philadelphia City Paper)

Legendary Pink Dots

Since moody goth is all the rage again, may we suggest you check out an act that’s not getting back together just to cash in on the retro flavor of the month. The Legendary Pink Dots, an Amsterdam-based synth outfit (members of whom have been associated with ex-members of Skinny Puppy) concoct electronic music much more dank than their happy moniker would suggest. Nemesis Online (on the delightfully named Soleilmoon label), rumored to be like the band’s 40th release over the course of 15 years and 30-odd members, is an odd combination of dark synth and ritualistic pagan chanting.

– Brian Howard

Wed., Oct. 21, with Twilight Circus and Dub Sound System, Upstairs at Nick’s, 16 S. Second St., 928-0665.


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