Atomic Roses


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FR C45 Illusion Productions IP 009

August 2011
US LP Beta-lactam Ring MT262

Sides A

  1. Of All The Girls
  2. What’s Next
  3. Playschool
  4. Sex
  5. Closet Kings
  6. Spiritus

Side B

  1. Haupftbahnhof
  2. The Wrong Impendence
  3. Passing Thought
  4. Atomic Roses #1
  5. Ideal Home
  6. Atomic Roses #2


NL MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  • Atomic Roses Part 1: Of All The Girls…, What’s Next?, Playschool, Sex, Closet Rings, Spiritus
  • Atomic Roses Part 2: Hauptbahnhof, The Wrong Impedance, Passing Thought, Atomic Roses #1, Ideal Home, Atomic Roses #2



  • Roland Callaway- Bass, Acoustic Guitar [Acoustic Guitars]
  • Keith Thompson- Drums (3)
  • Stret Majest Alarme- Guitar
  • April Iliffe- Keyboards
  • Phil Harmonix- Keyboards
  • Michael Marshall- Keyboards, Guitars  (3)
  • Edward Ka-Spel- Keyboards, Voice, compiled by
  • Sally Graves- Voice [Snatch Of Lady Vox], Flute

Artwork by Simone


Cassette version Limited to 600 copies, and packaged in a 7″ single sleeve with a booklet of drawings by Simone of DDAA.
A 10″ edition was planned by Illusion Productions for release in 1988, but never realized.
All tracks are also available on the TRAUMSTADT 1 cassette.

Beta-lactam release- First edition of 300 copies. Comes with numbered insert.
Presented in a hand printed and hand assembled sleeve to mimic the original tape art.
A sub edition of 25 numbered copies comes in a gatefold sleeve to mimic the original gatefold cassette sleeve, hand printed.

Created in 1981. Assembled in a dingy room in Newbury Park, London.  Originally issued in 1982 on Illusion Production (IP 009).

Thanks to Sylvie and all at Illusion Production for the original edition and Chris for its resurrection.
Vinyl mastering at Helmet Room.

Sing While You May


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