Come Out from the Shadows (Volume 3 – The 80s)


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September 3, 2013
MP3 private release on Bandcamp 

  1. The Light in my Little Girl’s Eyes
  2. Potsdammer Spats
  3. Lillith’s Daughter (first version)
  4. Lisa’s Party (first version)
  5. Timedance (instrumental)
  6. Nuts in May
  7. Twice Around the Pot
  8. Spiritus- full length version
  9. Our Lady in Walthamstow
  10. Escape from CP
  11. The Abominable Dr. K


“A cast of thousands”


There was a box in a cellar crammed with cassettes. It sat there for years.

Sometimes I’d paw through the tapes (invariably separated from their broken boxes) and wonder what was on them. Sure there were markings as an initial ballpoint scrawl would be obliterated by a red felt tip which was then obliterated by a black line and replaced with a single word like “Lullaby”. Usually the code was a lie..I knew this and held back …until around 2 months ago.

I’m almost done now and quite astonished at the things that turned up.

Everything on this volume is previously unheard except for “Potsdammer Spats” which was released on an impossibly obscure 7″/12″ (with customised T-shirt) on Rund um den Watzmann Records around 23 years ago.  Some of the recordings are rough, some of the playing was rough and you’ll shout wow at all that flutter. Glad I finally took a dive into that box- now for God’s sake, hose me down….. -E. K-S.



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