800 Saints in a Day


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US CD / Tourette Records tourette039
(LP planned)

  1. Lunar Moth
  2. In the Heat of the Night
  3. Germ Patrol
  4. Church of Cheese ’79
  5. Saigon
  6. That 60’s Show
  7. No Secrets
  8. For Breakfast?


  • Ryan Moore- loops, samples, guitar Bass
  • Edward Ka-Spel- voice scapes, keyboarda, broken things


Limited edition CD of 300.

Press Release

Some collaborations are simply written in the stars. Ryan Moore left The Legendary Pink Dots back in the year 2000 after a colossal contribution to the band over the space of 8 years on drums, bass guitar, electric guitar and even theramin. It was an impossible crater to fill, and the Dots didn’t even try – Ryan’s approach was absolutely unique. Nevertheless as The Dots adopted an airier psychedelic path and Ryan went dubterranean, the links were never broken. The idea of a reunion between The Dots’ Edward Ka-Spel and Ryan Moore came up over curry at the former’s house in London on a balmy summer night in 2012. Ryan sent a DVD packed with tunes, clips and outlines to Edward, and the latter extended and ultimately finished the journeys these sketches suggested. The result is a spacey rollercoaster ride which has elements of The Dots and Ryan’s own Twilight Circus brand, yet deviates away from both to occupy it’s own very strange land. But why “800 Saints in a Day” ? Rumour has it that the album was completed on the very day of a great elevation in The Vatican. The guys just wanted to wave at Heaven and suggest an alternative to all those damned harps.  –Tourette Records


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