Caste O’ Graye Screeëns


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UK CD World Serpent CHI01CD

11 March 2013
NL remastered MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Our Captain’s Eyes – 53:53 [MP3 excerpts 123]
  2. Lights Out – 00:48



Monadiki – cover


Recorded at Luxe: Jan-Sept 2001

Krzhyte Skreeë

from Bandcamp:
First post-millenial solo album of EK .Fundamentally , a long suite of songs and scapes for the suite , “Our Captain’s Eyes” which clocks in at over 53 minutes. Recorded during a fruitful year when EK lived in Luxembourg.
Beautiful cover art is an original painting by Monadiki.


The bulk of Caste O Graye Skreeëns comprises the expansive ‘Our Captain’s Eyes’, based around a loose unstructured style where Edward Ka-Spel, frontman of the Legendary Pink Dots, lets his imagination run a playful course dropping in everything from ambient soundscapes, drum machines, dance beats, distorted noises and fragmented voices. Ka-Spel’s delivers his cryptic lyrics in his idiosyncratic sing – speak style, and via jaunty shanties over French horn. All points of Ka-Spel’s prolific musical career surface on this 50+ minute track – industrial, experimental, psychedelic and ambient music. Skreeëns is perfect for Ka-Spel’s debut World Serpent release as it shares many traits with David Tibet, and Steven Stapleton in traversing a peculiarly English outsider vision with a free-flowing range of sound and textures. Compulsion Online


LEGENDARY PINK DOTS frontman EDWARD KA-SPEL has delivered a solo release for 2001 rather late, but the wait was worth it. Caste O’ Graye Skreens is a one-track CD with a multitude of songs or ‘movements’. The phases evolve over the course of 50-plus minutes from pulsating drum machine and vocal plays, creepy ambient horrorscapes, cut-up samples and distorted noises, familiar Ka-Spellian anthemic calliope music, and the occasional playful keyboard ditty. Various points seem to either hark back to the more sound-based (as opposed to song-based) LPD or pay tribute to Neu!, Residents, and the more experimental Pink Floyd era. – Ear/


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