State of Union


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NL CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA006

US CD Beta-lactam Ring Records MT142 (different image)

  1. Note Of Longing
  2. Dawn’s Underwater Light
  3. State Of Union
  4. Jacob’s Ladder
  5. First Utterance
  6. Rainy Day Reflection
  7. Butterfly Effect
  8. On Icarus’ Wings
  9. Your Drifting Heart*

* bonus track on the MT142 reissue only

02 April 2014
NL enhanced MP3 self-released on Bandcamp

  1. Note of Longing/Dawn’s Underwater Light/State of Union 17:47
  2. Jacob’s Ladder/First Utterance 19:19
  3. Rainy Day Reflection/Butterfly Effect/On Icarus’ Wings 13:07
  4. Your Drifting Heart 21:21


2007 reissue remastered by Raymond Steeg


Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 & 8 (2001) were taken from recording sessions for Requiem Settings.
Track 5 (1997) was the basis for live solo performances throughout Europe and the United States during 1998.
Tracks 6 & 7 are from 1993. The latter was originally composed for a fashion show.
cover design by Phil Knight.


Includes bonus track “Your Drifting Heart” not on original CD
Number 18 of Beta-Lactam Ring Records ‘Black Series’.
Limited to 500 copies.
Packaged in a gatefold sleeve made with 24 point cardstock, with a hand-numbered insert, a coupon and a black obi strip around the CD.  Artwork by Jesse Peper.


from Bandcamp:

“State of Union” first emerged as a homemade cdr release on The Pink Dots’ own TEKA label back in 2001. However Beta-Lactam Ring Records chief Chris was so taken with this release, he proposed a full blown reissue as part of the label’s “Black” series in 2006.
It’s a rich colourful journey too…sometimes you’d swear that you’re standing on a deserted platform on a distant planet unsure if it’s actually a train making that peculiar noise, uncertain of what it says on the ticket, nervous of where you’ll end up sleeping tonight. Don’t worry, the rewards are manifold.


“The Silverman is one of the two remaining founding fathers of The Legendary Pink Dots and this release serves partly as a sketch book of ideas and stuff he did on a solo tour with the addition of a new 20 minute bonus track. The music by The Silverman only has a far away resemblance of the Legendary Pink Dots, like just one layer is distilled and used as the backbone of an entire new world. It could be described by that dreaded term ambient, but it doesn’t justify it. The sounds inside this release are at times far too alien to be filed under ambient. It moves along many different territories, ambient, cosmic, but it takes out the best elements and it is presented in a rather own way. Music that is like a disturbing dream, not a nightmare but a surrealistic dream.” (FdW-Vital Weekly)


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