Vita Nova


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December 15, 2014
US CD/record Beta-lactam Ring Records MT166

  1. Vita Nova (Version Apocalypse)
  2. D-list




  • Randall Frazier: Keyboards, vocals, engineering
  • Edward Ka-Spel: Keyboards, vocals, editing, engineering
  • Erik Drost: guitars
  • The Silverman: Analogue and digital synthesis, devices


Issued as a one-time edition of 100 numbered copies late Dec. Presented in a six panel French Black paper sleeve, laser cut cover art, silver silkscreened art, each one unique. Artwork by Luke Buser. The CD contains “Vita Nova (Version Apocalypse)”, a version from the forthcoming full length studio album Saucers Over Lincoln and “D-list”, a 3 minute exclusive audio track playable on a turntable.

“It all happened during a magical week in the month of April 2014. After a thoroughly enjoyable tour the previous Fall when Randall Frazier aka Orbit Service opened for The Legendary Pink Dots in all corners of North America. It felt like such a perfect match that The Dots wanted to repeat the experience in Europe. However, it’s never smart to dive into a van for a tour immediately after stepping off a Transatlantic flight. Consequently Randall stayed with Edward Ka-Spel and family for 3 nights before hitting the road to Newcastle in the UK. That’s when the recordings happened. The red light was locked on a permanent red and the Ka-Spel/Frazier team basically explored a new universe together. Hours of material emerged which were later edited, decorated with vocals by both singers and then sent to Pink Dots’ Erik Drost and The Silverman for further contributions.”


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