Live in Basel 2005


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NL CD-R Trademark of Quantity

  1. Nature Of Illusion
  2. Black Widow’s Kiss
  3. Prisoners Of War
  4. Hey Rainman
  5. Third Secret
  6. Atomic Roses
  7. Lilith’s Daughter
  8. Setting In Snow
  9. Circle The Sun And You Become One
  10. This Fragile Love

November 19, 2013
CDR / MP3    Trademark of Quantity / self released on Bandcamp (alternate image)

  1. Live in Basel- The Set
  2. Live in Basel- The Encores


  • Edward Ka-Spel- voice, keyboards
  • Phil Knight- keyboards, electronics
  • Erik Drost- guitars
  • Raymond Steeg- live sound engineer



Live recording of a show recorded in the Wagenmeister, Basel in Switzerland on 30 September 2005.
Packaged in a handmade card cover.

Lovingly packaged homemade CDR on the Dots’ own TOQ label.  A card cover plus insert.

Recorded at The Wagenmeister in Basel, 2005, a club so tiny that if you blinked you’d wind up in Germany. In fact this wonderful little venue literally sat a few hundred metres from the line dividing Switzerland and the European Union. Ibrahim was the man in charge- he maintained the PA, prepared the acomodation and fed the artists (very well). The place oozed tender loving care.

Don’t expect hi-fi from this recording- the equipment was primitive.  However, this was a place where performers felt completely free to explore. That’s why the music is divided into two parts- the set and the encores.

This night was shared with Toby Dammitt and das Verkannte Modul. –E K-S



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