Binshaker Dub


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02 May 1997
NL CD M Records CD-150
NL LP M Records LP-150
NL MP3 on Bandcamp

  1. Thunder Mix
  2. Highway
  3. Killer
  4. Lowell & Nine
  5. Shaka
  6. Perfect World
  7. Binghi
  8. Bong Loop
  9. UK Steppers
  10. Porno



  • Written, produced & performed by Ryan Moore
  • Sly Dunbar – Drums trk 4 & 9

Album design: Ania Rachmat


Mastered by Ernie Anches at Friends, Amsterdam

Vinyl lacquer cut by Christoph Grote Beverborg at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin


Over the last decade or so, the number of great, new reggae dub records has dwindled drastically. Excepting On-U releases, Israel Vibration and a handful of others, there just has not been much worthwhile reggae for those of us who dislike computer riddims and drum machines. The more interesting dub-related releases are now coming out of so-called electronica, where the inspiration is fresh, and artists are not afraid to take chances. Ryan Moore, the bassist behind Twilight Circus, is one of many artists working in the neo-dub sphere, but whose work is much closer to classic reggae than ambient or jungle. Moore has previously played in the Tear Garden and the recent incarnation of the Legendary Pink Dots, so the style of this side project is a bit of a surprise. Using live instruments and an obvious love for classic ’70s dub recording technique, he has crafted a great atmospheric sound with heavy bass and drums, and a generous supply of reverb. Most of the material here (the third full-length release) is strong, and none of the ideas over stay their welcome. His bass playing shows power and imagination, but could be more supple. Quibbles aside, this is worth seeking out by all fans of dub, reggae or otherwise.

Chris Detzer, Option


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