Other Worlds of Dub


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02 May 1996
NL CD M Records CD-127
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  1. Salma
  2. Arabix
  3. Hose
  4. Carlton
  5. Felafel
  6. Woody
  7. Maffe
  8. Indian
  9. Voice


  • Mixed & produced by – Ryan Moore
  • All Instruments – Ryan Moore
  • Artwork – Red Bol
  • Engineer [Drums Recording] – Darryl Neudorf
  • Silverman – synth flute track 4
  • Christian Thorvaldson & Ziggy Sigmund – guitar loop track 3


Drums recorded Dec 94-Jan 95 at The Miller Block, Vancouver, Canada.

Overdubs took place during Spring & Summer 95 at Chez Dots and Studio Klaverland, The Netherlands.

Mixed at Studio Dots, Klaverland, Summer 95.


Jamaican riddims and snakelike Arabic melodies, performed by an Anglo ex-pat residing in the Netherlands – now that’s world beat. Ryan Moore’s Other Worlds of Dub opens with a hollow clatter of rock-steady drums and a woozy lick that sounds like a trombone. It soon becomes apparent that the brass is actually a manipulated human voice wailing on a centries-old, open-throated theme. The remarkable fluidity of this transition makes a statement or two about the durability and timelessness of head music, of which Other Worlds is a stellar example. According to Moore’s spare liner notes, his drums were recorded during a two month period in Vancouver, while all overdubs were added during a second recording session in the Netherlands. Like the best dubwise records, these echoey drums provide rhythm enough to carry the whole project; on top, Moore’s sythetic blips, gurgles and washes add color like sunbursts on the back of eyelids. Traditional reggae instruments and ideas share space as well: ‘Indian’ for instance, features a borrowed bass riff from Bob Marley’s ‘Night Shift’ off Rastaman Vibration. Not a bad place to look for ispiration.

James Sullivan – OPTION MAG


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