The Stranger It Gets Part II (Lost Tapes 1991-1995)


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Cover ImageRelease date and tracklist

October 16 2008
NL CDr self released (not on label)

  1. Water Witch
  2. Faces
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Meet Me
  5. Bottom of the Well
  6. Stupid Little Bird
  7. Church on Time
  8. Same Old
  9. She Sees
  10. Water and Steam
  11. Presence
  12. Love Lane
  13. Fallen Days
  14. Good Night


Martijn de Kleer


This CDr release is packaged in a thick cardstock envelope with the artwork printed on adhesive stickers on the front and back. The artwork on the CDr itself is similarly printed on an adhesive label. The following text is included on a separate insert included in the envelope:

“In September 2008 I decided to dig up my first home recordings. They were made on a 4 track cassette recorder in a very small backroom, my hideout from a wicked world. I sang lead and harmony vocals and played the following musical instruments: Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Drums, Elka Organ, Piano, Korg MS10 synthesizer, Harmonica. The tape hiss and sonic weirdness you might notice is entirely my responsibility and I must admit that on some of the songs it’s quite spectacular. Yet, I think that these recordings have stood the test of time bravely. Enjoy…

I want to thank: Gabriel for mastering, Edward for making the suggestion, Liesbeth for sleeve design and unconditional love, you listener for your ears.”

The insert included with Part II is a negative-image copy of the Part I insert, and even says “Part I” at the top. This may have been an oversight when the inserts for the two Parts were printed.


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